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Jones Brothers Historic Renovation in Downtown Jacksonville

The North Core is becoming a vibrant urban destination in downtown Jacksonville, consisting of historic renovation and multi-family mixed use developments, with retail, entertainment and of course, the Emerald Trail. The North Core, or NoCo, is one of the smaller districts in downtown Jacksonville, but an excellent example of how developers, city planners, architects, and organizations are working together to rebuild and rebrand downtown Jacksonville to becoming a sustainable downtown for residents and visitors alike.

When a city is self-sustaining and organically growing in development, demand, and urban dwellers, it’s said to have reached “Critical Mass”. For a downtown to reach critical mass, it needs “Density” and one of the key components to creating density is through developments that offer a mix of uses, including residential, retail, entertainment, and connectivity. As popular cities such as Austin, Chicago, New York and Dallas have shown, mixed-use development, paired with strategic urban planning, such as the High Line in New York or The Loop in Dallas, help create a more walkable, livable, and in demand urban environment.

It’s an exciting time for downtown Jacksonville, but how has the city gained such a positive momentum? Incentives.

Downtown revitalization is a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors. Incentives act as catalysts, fostering public-private partnerships that fuel economic growth, attract new businesses, and create vibrant communities. They enable developers to take on projects that might otherwise be financially unfeasible or risky.

In this episode we will dive a bit deeper into incentives and some of their common misconceptions. We’ll be exploring the fascinating revitalization of a historic gem in our city’s downtown – the Jones Brothers Furniture Building.

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